Amer Asia eliminates language barriers across Amer Asia written and verbal communications, no matter the language pairing or language use case. Staffed and operated by multi-cultural/language focused Amer Asia team members, we review and translate documents in addition to interpreting speech for all use cases.

Simple correspondence, detailed patents, technical documents and voluminous, complicated litigation document reviews are easy for us. Interpretation services make foreign language depositions intelligible, during the taking of evidence, enabling pointed counter questioning in real time. All services are court certified as required for court evidence/testimony.

Many providers apply the same, blunt instrument to every translation project at hand. Some only have expensive, time consuming human translation while others only offer cheap, bad Machine Translation; no matter the project. Our innovative language service technologies integrate with humans applying the right application of the precise language tool for the client objective, budget and written/verbal challenge at hand.

Most eDiscovery and document review companies can handle straight up English, but when Asian languages are in play special expertise is required. Coding documents in an Asian review is challenge enough for most providers leaving the comprehension of Asian language documents for some one else. Translation companies assist with comprehension but lack the expertise and experience handling/reviewing voluminous Asian language document reviews.

Our pure Amer Asia focus delivers the right integration of eDiscovery technologies, Human Document review and language translation enabling every client to achieve true comprehension of their document set and matter at hand; fast and inexpensively.

Language Services