Translation - Document translation is part art, part science and, part budget. Our clients have the luxury of controlling how accurate, how fast and at what cost their Amer Asia document translation services are performed. We match any one, or combination, of our four translation methods to the document/client needs at hand. As a result, you only pay for the Performance/Cost ratio you decide.

Security - Unlike other providers, we have a secure, private cloud based translation server technology where we translate your documents (TransBase). Your documents are never emailed out, printed out or distributed to any third party translator, ever. Our translators work inside our secure Amer Asia TransBase only – a TransBase dedicated to you. Only you can access the translated documents for downstream use of the original and translated document set.

Document Review

Asian language document review by westerners can be troublesome, error prone and expensive; for the paying corporate client and outside law firm lawyer alike. Key issues of evidence, privilege, defensibility, timeliness and cost arise fast. Documents are missed, over translated and privilege documents mistakenly produced to industry competitors.

Our proprietary Asian document review methodology "The Butterfly Effect", combine with our innovative translation offerings achieving maximum review results, maximum case team language comprehension while minimizing costs. Due to our proprietary Butterfly Effect protocol, Amer Asia provides fixed cost document reviews ensuring the pressure is on us to deliver and not on you to explain another discovery budget overrun to your team, boss or client.

Language Services

Interpretation Services

Amer Asia supplies court certified bi-lingual interpreters for depositions, court trial and any other evidentiary interpretation requirement. For cases requiring the taking of verbal testimony in both the States and in Asia, our interpreters handle each venue as one maintaining continuity and case specific knowledge; an excellent advantage for our Amer Asia clients.