Non-Profit and Self-Funding, Amer Asia Foundation delivers education and philanthropy events serving the Amer Asia Lawyer interest. Country specific cross-platform events are experienced via Amer Asia TV, Video Conference, Internet and Face to Face. Amer Asia CLE programs are accredited in the State of California supplying one hour MCLE credit per event. CLE Content explores and addresses the unique set of Pan-Pacific circumstances lawyers confront internationally, and at home.

Amer Asia markets constitute the majority of global GDP by volume. Citizens in America and Asia combined have the highest PeoplePower(1) ranking AND its’ biggest upside. International “Farm to Table” supply chains stretch and alter domestic dynamics for everyone. Legal rights, education, innovation, communication continue progressing and integrating forming transnational teams who embrace, absorb and customize new international campaigns into existing efforts.

1. Soft Power - Amer Asia delivers progressive international relations through business and people. Diverse cultures, commerce, competition, conflict and opportunity demand new structures promoting understanding, comity, commerce and growth. Supporting Amer Asia soft power through education and philanthropy is central to our Amer Asia Law vision and mission.

Amer Asia nominates/selects “Causes” and “Lawyers” for “Outstanding Contribution” et al awards, annually. If you know of someone or an organization worthy of consideration, email us here.

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