Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage all our Amer Asia clients and partners to ask questions. If we get enough of the same questions, we will post them on our FAQ page. All subject matter submitted is reviewed by Amer Asia Law appointed team members prior to posting. Email us at:

Amer Asia has the capacity to introduce, connect, integrate and service a continuum of needs required by lawyers working across the Pacific.

The mission of the Amer Asia Foundation is to give back to the people of the countries in which Amer Asia does business.

Our Asian corporate clients and U.S. real estate investment attorney clients asked us to enter this business segment.

Enabling comprehension of spoken or written Amer Asia languages is vital to achieving Amer Asia’s mission of introducing, connecting, integrating and servicing our clients.

A proprietary best practice for handling Asian client discovery and translation needs in U.S. jurisdictions. The Butterfly Effect is based on 10 years of intense Amer Asia experience and 30+ years of U.S. success.

Our founder, Todd King, established the Asia niche of the global eDiscovery industry in 2007 and the rest is history.

Dual defensibility means simultaneously complying with in-country Asian data privacy/data protection/State Secrets laws and U.S. discovery laws.

Our media group does all the heavy lifting for client outreach and education.

Amer Asia Alliance firm and attorney members are all proactively supported across the Pacific in a highly customized and targeted fashion achieving measureable and sustained results for its’ members.

Email or Phone any one of our global Amer Asia offices to reach our In-country team