Learning, innovation and continuous improvement are central values for us. Paradoxically, today’s explosion of information/internet sources makes it difficult finding a curriculum or learning tool set suiting our exact interest or change cycle information input needs. Yet we are learning, applying and transferring new skills, knowledge and relationships daily. And must do so with a competitive advantage for you. We built our own self education process central to our expertise and competitive advantage due to this exact internal pressure and provide this AmerAsia Education portal to our clients.

AmerAsia education programs include original content, insights, analysis and opinion from our the AmerAsia news makers themselves; You – Lawyers and professionals from Multinational Corporations & Law Firms doing business across China, Asia and America. You pull AmerAsia information feeds, channels, content you require and demand from virtually any data source globally. You decide on the free or paid version. Accessing foreign market, jurisdiction and legal information is challenging enough, staying In-Tune with daily changes in these areas affecting our core professional life from across the planet is near impossible. AmerAsia Education puts you, consumer of core change information, in charge of your feeds, updates, knowledge base.

Education Services


Relationships drive B2B business. The Face2Face component of AmerAsia Media campaigns include:

  1. Personal Introductions to the right people in the right AmerAsia market at the right companies or law firms of your choosing.
  2. High touch, intimate seminars presenting you and your message in the right Amer Asia market to the right companies or law firms of your choosing.
  3. Broad touch, AmerAsia Conferences convening 100’s of in-house and outside attorneys in the right Amer Asia market with the right government officials, judges and lawyers from the right companies and law firms.


When you can't meet in person, introduce and connect with potential business partners/clients through AmerAsia video print and media services. The Video/Print component of AmerAsia Media campaigns include:

  1. White Papers describing the strategic and tactical business or legal advantage you uniquely bring to your prospective business partner or client.
  2. AmerAsia Magazine professionally designed and crafted featuring your unique strategic and tactical business or legal advantage.
  3. AmerAsia Webinars where you present and discuss your unique strategic and tactical business or legal advantage.

AmerAsia Report

  1. Real time, daily postings from multinational corporations, international law firms and news makers affecting your AmerAsia world
  2. Pulled, Pushed and Filtered data streams from any global data stream source as you determine
  3. You decide what information you have to know daily
  4. Your custom AmerAsia Report is available to you when and where you want it - 24x7, globally, from any digital device
  5. Custom original legal writings from foreign jurisdictions affecting your professional life
  6. Original WhitePapers, Webinars, Video Streams, Podcasts informing you about changing legal risks, laws, developments and legal advantages from foreign jurisdictions where you do business
  7. Be the first to know you or your client was just named in a new legal or investigation action globally
  8. Totally Secure and confidential – real time monitoring by AmerAsia CyberSecurity
  9. A competitive advantage for you in every meeting and business engagement
  10. Written by you, our AmerAsia clients