In 2007, our Amer Asia Law CEO and Founder, Todd King, established the Asia niche of the global eDiscovery industry. After 10 years and 151 pure Asian cases involving U.S./global disputes and investigations, Amer Asia Law knows discovery involving Asian Corporations.

Amer Asia achieves 3 prime discovery results for our clients:

  1. Amer Asia wins discovery battles
  2. Amer Asia wins testifying as the expert witness for client discovery plan defensibility
  3. Amer Asia wins on a client friendly cost budget

Based on our 10 year Amer Asia experience, we have analyzed, quantified, developed and implemented a proprietary Amer Asia discovery plan methodology we call the “Butterfly Effect.” The Amer Asia Butterfly Effect successfully addresses unique characteristics commonly found in Asian client environments:

  1. Risk of Failure
  2. Civil Law v. Common Law
  3. In-Country Data Privacy/Data Protection/State Secret Laws
  4. Language Barriers
  5. Records Management Practices Inconsistent or Non-Existent
  6. Unique electronic record encryption/password protection protocols
  7. Unique software encoding schemes, applications and databases
  8. Financial Budgeting
    • Predictability
    • Size
    • Ease
    • Conformance
  9. Client Discovery Plan Defensibility in local, U.S. and global jurisdictions

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