Amer Asia Asset Management invests, finances and manages capital market real estate assets in America and Asia. We are a strategic investor/asset manager mitigating client risks while maximizing returns despite short term market swings. Global class A projects range from ground up development to mega developments located in core capital market Amer Asia cities. Asset sizes of U.S. $25M - $550M+ deliver 4.25% - 12.95% cash on cash returns. We focus on strategic value-add investing matching investor goals with Amer Asia Asset Management strengths.

Applying assertive strategies, thorough research and analysis plus in-depth due diligence, we target assets where risk adjusted client ROI’s are delivered. Asset values are synthesized and established using our proprietary analytical tool set; “ROI Trilogy Analysis” (ROITA) informing our judgement of each asset’s unique commercial, land and building value. Synthesizing these Big 3 characteristics into a specific client investment return in America and Asia is the strength of Amer Asia Asset Management.

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