The Amer Asia Alliance brings together expert lawyers across Asia and America. In-house lawyers and outside law firm lawyers have the opportunity to meet, interact, connect and work together for the pursuit of shared goals and common gain. Some Alliance Corporations and Law firms are large, some are medium size, some are focused boutiques. All are expert and trusted by Amer Asia Law.

As domestic and multi-national corporations expand internationally, accessing high quality trusted legal counsel and corporations in foreign markets is facilitated by the Amer Asia Alliance. All corporations and law firms are known to Amer Asia, trusted and expert in their fields.

    Concerned about Trade Secrets theft or Intellectual Property protection in Asia?
    - No problem

    Looking to identify and freeze your opponents’ financial assets in Hong Kong?
    - Easy

    Cautious about doing business in the PRC?
    - Learn the China Way while complying with both U.S. and PRC law

    Avoiding U.S. Securities or Commercial markets fearing U.S. authorities, laws and courts?
    - Why forgo the largest global market, Rely on great U.S. counsel.

    Looking to leverage Asia trade pacts?
    - Work with proven in-country counsel expert in emerging local market opportunities.

    What about foreign market project financing?
    - Done

    How do you comply with a myriad of Asia side Personal Data Protection Acts while complying with U.S. Law?
    - Achieve Asia:U.S. Dual Defensibility easily and defensibly

    Implementing increased Legal Department Efficiencies, ROI gains and Control over foreign legal disputes?
    - Global Discovery Counsel

Alliance Law Firms