A platform where lawyers meet interact collaborate across the PACIFIC.

Amer Asia has built “The Amer Asia Platform for Lawyers” where Amer Asia lawyers meet, interact and work together in pursuit of common gain across the Pacific and globally. The Amer Asia ecosystem comprises Amer Asia Law, Amer Asia Alliance, Amer Asia Discovery, Amer Asia language services, Amer Asia Media, Amer Asia Asset Management and the Amer Asia Foundation.

Operating in Asia since 2007 with headquarters in California, Amer Asia leadership and personnel work harmoniously amongst global Amer Asia clientele as one client team - Amer Asia – “The Amer Asia Platform for Lawyers”.

Who We Are

We are one team - Amer Asia teams align globally by client. Other companies organize their teams and profit/loss statements by geography or function causing service gaps and errors for their customers.

Amer Asia organizes teams and financial statements by client. We consult strategically implementing tactically as one client team, globally. Each client has their own dedicated global Amer Asia team composed of sales, consulting, service and finance professionals operating 24 x 7 locally in each client time zone and country. When our client wins, your global Amer Asia client team wins.

As a privately owned company, beholden to no outside investors, we control how we design, structure, service and price our client lines of business. Organic growth is a tougher, longer, higher road. Our only boss is our global client and we like our client as boss. So too do our clients. Clear client goals and objectives drive our Amer Asia client team, a team with one Amer Asia goal – win for our client. We find Amer Asia clients amazing and we are humbled to work with such great Asian Tigers and astounding American Lions.